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Where You'll Find Vermont Honey
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Honey Extraction
Let us help you get to your golden liquid quickly!


Honeybee Swarm Removal

Mentoring & Speaking Engagements

Sunshine on the Ridge
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-V. Wilson




Honey Extraction

Heavenly Honey Apiary in Monkton, VT (Addison county—just over the Chittenden county line) provides honey extraction services. If you're just getting started and don't want to invest hundreds of dollars for an extractor, we will uncap your frames using cold uncapping knives, and spin them out in a 20-frame extractor. The process is much quicker. You do not have to worry about getting your house all sticky, and finding storage space for the extraction equipment. Just bring your honey supers and pails, and let the fun begin.

Extraction to pail methods:

Choose to let your honey pass through a light strainer that still lets the essential pollen pieces pass through with your honey. Or you can let your honey flow directly from the extractor into your pail bypassing the sieve.

  • We keep wax cappings
  • Cutomer supplies pail* to take their honey home in
    * we recommend that you invest in a 5 gallon food-grade pail. Visit beekeeping suppliers such as Betterbee or Dadant to view their offerings. You do not need the pouring gate, but it sure comes in handy! Don't despair--if you forget your pail we'll pour your honey into our pails with a $10 deposit per pail -- Pails to be returned within 7-day and deposit will be retuned to you.

    We recommend a honey bucket such as this. Wide open mouth, holds about 20 medium frames, up to 55lbs or 5 gallons of honey!


    Honey extraction rates are: $35 set up fee for 20 frames (shallow/small & medium)
    $1.25 per additional frame over 20 (medium or shallow)
    $2.50 per deep frame. (call to discuss with Scott first, we've found that deeps can blowout inside of the extraction tank. Depending on how your frames are wired, we may not process your deeps frames.)


    Phone (802) 333-0084 or
    send email to honey(at)vtbeekeeper(dot)com


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    We do not offering bottling services at this time.

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    Honeybee Swarm Removal

    Time permitting we are happy to collect honeybee swarms. Don't be alarmed when we ask you a bunch of qualifying questions to make sure that your swarm is really honeybees. If your swarm location is more than a couple of miles away, we may even have you email us a digital photo of the swarm to make sure that they are honeybees.

    You'd be surprised how many people think that a swarm of hornets or yellow jackets are honeybees. We do not remove anything but honeybees.

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    Mentoring & Speaking Engagements

    If you are new to beekeeping in Vermont and you need a local mentor the Vermont Beekeepers Association is a good place to start to find someone in your area.

    Scott and Valarie are in their seventh year of beekeeping. They graduated from being hobbyists, and started a sideline business because they love every aspect of beekeeping. They are experienced in apiary life from setting up your colony of bees (nuc or packaged bees), to inspecting the health of the hive, looking for varroa mites, and assessing how the queen is doing. They have experience with honeybee swarm removal, honey production, packaging, and marketing.

    Each year they attend as many beekeeping conventions, workshops and meetings as possible, while they read everything that they can get their hands on. Scott is enrolled in the Master Beekeeper program through Cornell University. He is a "Certified Beekeeper" through the Vermont Beekeepers Association. Valarie has begun her training in Apitherapy where she is learning about the uses of produces from the hive for health, such as, bee venom therapy (BVT) or bee sting therapy, uses of propolis, bee pollen, and beeswax.

    Invite them to into your classroom, club, library or group.

    Please send an email to find out availability.
    Email: Honey(at)vtbeekeeper(dot)com

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    Honey Extraction Photos
    Heavenly Honey Apiary™

  pure, raw honey! From your friendly neighborhood beekeeper.


    Scott Wilson and Valarie Wilson providing honey extraction services to Vermont beekeepers

    Scott and Valarie getting ready to extract their 2009 harvest

    Valarie Wilson of Heanvely Honey Apiary uncapping Vermont honey

    Valarie uncapping a frame of honey

    Maxant 20 frame honey extractor used at Heavenly Honey Apiary

    20 frame honey extractor

    Heavenly Honey extraction services customer Bill Mares uncapping honey frame

    Some customers like to be a part of the action

    Heavenly Honey Apiary, honey extraction for customer Hannah

    First year beekeeper Hannah takes a turn at uncapping her honey frames.

    Extracted honey going through a sieve

    Some customers want their honey to go through a light sieve process to remove larger chunks of wax, honeybees etc. This process adds a considerable amount of time to the honey extraction process.

    Extracted honey going straight to bucket

    Other customers want their honey raw; cold-knife uncapped, extracted from the honeycomb via our centrifugal extractor where the honey then flows straight to the bucket for them to take home and bottle.


    We are proud to be members of the

    Vermont Beekeepers Association

     VBA Logo
     Scott is a Certified Beekeeper
    through the Vermont Beekeepers Association,
    and serves on their board of directors.







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